Most mortgage brokers specialise in the provision of Home Loans. Whilst we provide these services more details about our offerings are located here.


Where Healthy Loans provides a point of difference is that we have the experience and capabilities of helping business owners and operators as well as commercial investors with access to a broad range of funding options.


Johnathon Reeves has developed vast experience in the industry in the provision of various forms of business finance and has direct accreditation with many lenders and access to lender online quoting tools and small business policy that enable Healthy Loans to quickly advised you on finance options.


Healthy Loans is your one stop shop to source the most appropriate solution from a range of different lenders that will save you time from having to approach each lender yourself.


And unlike a lot of mortgage brokers, Healthy Loans are not affiliated with any broker group owned or controlled by a major bank which we feel is important to ensure that there is no potential conflict of interest when recommending a particular lender.


The majority of lenders want you to have all of your loans with their organisation but this is often not the best situation. Healthy Loans can provide the most appropriate solutions for each individual lending requirement you may have from time to time.


Working with Healthy Loans you will also receive the benefit of our experience in dealing and negotiating with the banks. This will ensure you receive the best possible outcome when it comes to Fees and Interest Rates. We work for our clients to obtain the best possible outcome and we do not charge for our brokerage services.


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