You are the experts in keeping your patients healthy, we are the experts in keeping your finances healthy. 

Johnathon Reeves, Owner

Medical Professionals typically find it difficult to make the time necessary to approach various lenders so they tend to stick with their existing banking relationships. This service is available for occupations such as Doctors, Dentists, Vets, Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals.

Healthy Loans can act as an intermediary on your behalf giving you access to someone who knows the banking world inside out and can negotiate the best solutions for you saving you time and money.


Whilst in the majority of cases we provide our credit advice free of charge, there are some instances where we operate on a fee for service model based on the individual consulting requirements required. In every situation our initial consultation is always free of charge. If you are looking for a specific consulting service please contact Healthy Loans to discuss your individual situation.

At Healthy Loans we can tailor consulting services to meet your personal requirements. You might want some help with budgeting, you might want to ascertain whether debt consolidation strategy is appropriate. Initial consultation is always free where we can discuss your situation and understand where you need help.


If you are looking for a Home Loan please click here and you will be able to access our dedicated site which will enable you to look at Calculators, Guides & Tips and other helpful advice about arranging a loan.


With so many years of experience we have more than likely seen your situation and most problems can be solved. You just need to start somewhere.

TIME POOR? An appointment with us is like seeing over 30 lenders in one go.

Some situations where using Healthy Loans consulting services may be appropriate are as follows :


1. Loan Application Preparation

Approaching your bank for a new loan is hardly something anyone looks forward to. What will they ask ? How do I prepare ? What forms will they want completed ? We can help by taking responsibility for part or all of this process for you. At Healthy Loans we know what information banks are looking for, we can anticipate the questions they are likely to raise, and we can package a full and comprehensive loan application on your behalf. This will free up your time and help speed up the loan approval process. We can even undertake the preliminary credit checks on your behalf to ensure we are well prepared.


2. Change Loan Conditions

Banks often introduce a range of conditions when they approve Home Loans and Business Loans and often these are not explained in simple terms to clients. Healthy Loans understands why Banks may introduce loan conditions and can assist you to better understand why they may be necessary and help develop strategies to comply with the bank’s requirements. However where you feel they are not appropriate we can negotiate on your behalf to have them modified. On some occasions we may even look to remove them if you feel they are too onerous.


3. Budgeting

Spending less money than you earn is such a simple concept but in practice many people encounter cash flow difficulties from time to time. At Healthy Loans we can help you with the budgeting process allowing you to really understand how much cash you have available and how much cash you will have in 3, 6 or 12 months’ time. Budgeting problems can often cause high levels of anxiety where the symptoms of cash flow problems are felt but the underlying causes or solutions seem hard to fathom. This is a particular area of expertise that Healthy Loans can help you with. Getting to the bottom of the problem may take time so you have to really be committed to want things to get better and prepared to make some changes, but we can assure you the lasting positive outcomes you will experience by sorting out your affairs will make this investment one of the most rewarding you will ever undertake.


4. Refinancing Appraisal

This service is provided free of charge. There are times when customers stay with a Bank even when the relationship becomes strained. Often this is simply because the thought process of changing is too overwhelming to do anything about this. At Healthy Loans we can offer a review of your financial affairs to ascertain whether refinancing to a new Lender is going to achieve the outcomes you are looking for. There is nothing to fear in making a switch.  At Healthy Loans we follow a comprehensive plan that ensures all the major things are actioned correctly to ensure the change is completed with little if any stress, allowing you to get on with more productive matters.


Growth opportunities

In simple terms, commercial finance products can protect and maximise your cash flow and help fund opportunities for growth when and where you need them. It’s a matter of understanding your business needs and matching them to the right solution. And that’s where a commercial finance broker comes in.

It’s not just about finding great interest rates and saving you money. It’s about providing opportunities for you to build your business with the right deal, the right structure, the right terms and the right price all in place.


We work for you

The first thing we do is get to know you and your business before identifying the right type of finance product to suit your needs. Then we shop around for the most suitable loan and go in to bat for you with the lenders to help secure the right finance. It’s like having a high level financial controller on your books without the high level salary.

The latest choices.

We have access to a variety of different lenders with a multitude of loan products and we stay up to date with the constant changes and latest business lending solutions.

Streamlining the process.

Our understanding of the complexities of structuring finance and the criteria the lenders use to assess applications means we can make sure the process is as quick and hassle-free as possible.

From start to finish

Once we agree on the right financial solution for you, we take care of the application, lodge it with the lender and manage it through to approval. We take care of it all so you’re free to take care of your business.

Getting good finance is good for business.

Getting the right financial product can benefit your business in many different ways. Every business has different goals and a commercial finance broker can work with you to take advantage of the many financial products in the market across equipment and vehicle finance and leasing; business loans; debtor finance; commercial property finance, or property development and construction finance.

The right financial solution can help you:

  • Protect and manage your cash flow

  • Finance business growth

  • Simplify your financing to make things easier to manage and budget for

  • Reassess your current loans to reduce fees and charges, save on lower interest rates and take advantage of new products in the market

  • Have more flexibility and be ready to make the most of new opportunities when they present themselves


Getting the best out of what is on offer

It’s our relationships with the lenders that can really work in your favour. We know the industry well, inside and out. We know how the lenders work and what they want, so we know how best to position your business to take advantage of the superior lending opportunities, product types, rates and fees that are on offer.

Promoting your interests in the best possible light can often see lenders competing for the opportunity to work with you and your business.

And because we stay on top of changes in the lending market we’re across new products and changes as they happen. This allows us to get a sense of lenders’ attitudes changing within a particular industry or sector. If a lender’s policy changes or funding appetite changes in your industry, we can create strategies to ensure it is business as usual for you.

This means that not only will we be able to find the right product and structure today; we can also ensure it is still the right deal when it comes time to review.

We do the hard yards

Once we’ve got to know you and your business goals, and have done the leg-work to identify and help you choose the right solution to achieve your objectives, we take care of all the paperwork.

We prepare the funding submission from beginning to end, put together a funding strategy that positions you in the best light with the lenders. We deal and discuss your needs across a panel of lenders who want to do business with you. Then we go into bat for you and negotiate to get the most ideal loan structure, terms, rates and fees, and manage the whole process through to approval.


We’re with you for the long term

It’s just good business; as your business grows, so does ours. The more we work with you, the better understanding we have of where you are right now and where and how you want to build your  business. Our knowledge, our networks and constant contact with the lending sector allows us to keep you one big step ahead of the game and to help protect and grow your business as opportunities arise.


We check in regularly with you throughout the life of the loan, and with our panel of lenders, to give you the peace of mind that the right deal we helped you secure is still the right deal well into tomorrow. This is important, as the finance industry is so dynamic and ever-changing, and no doubt your business, and your business situation, is too.

Why not go direct to your bank manager?

When you start going directly to banks yourself, you’ll quickly realise that there are a lot of options out there, which makes it hard for you to choose the right product and the right structure.

Sometimes, having all your finances with the one bank may not be the right strategy. And, with the Reserve Bank moving official interest rates and banks moving them independently, it’s an ever-changing market. With choice comes complexity. It can be tricky to navigate through it all. And it can take a lot of your time. A commercial finance broker will steer you through to find the finance product that suits your business needs and not the banks’.

And, banks love dealing with us and we often find ourselves jumping to the head of the queue.  As specialists in our field we make doing business with us efficient and economical, which is why so much of the banking sector’s commercial business now comes through finance brokers. 

In the simplest terms, a commercial finance broker makes it easy – saving you time and allowing you to get on with business.



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