iStock_000016732841XSmallHealthy Loans is your specialist when it comes to obtaining loans. We provide a range of services to take away the stress people experience when they need a  loan.

Whether you are looking for a housing loan, buying a car, obtaining a business loan, looking to borrow so you can invest in your SMSF or purchasing business plant and equipment we have accreditation with many different lenders to quickly find the most appropriate solutions for you. In addition we are specialists with helping clients looking to refinance for a better deal. Healthy Loans are here to help.

If you are seeking a Home Loan, please click here to access our special Home Loan site.

Obtaining loans can be a very complex process as there are literally hundreds of options available from lots of different lenders. At Healthy Loans all we do is loans. At Healthy Loans we focus on matching your requirements with those provided by the lender before  making our recommendations to ensure what you finish up with is truly a Healthy Loan.

Why use a Mortgage broker ? – Well, there are many lenders around to help you but choosing the best solution is like finding a needle in a haystack. Most people only have the time to meet with 2/3 banks and make a choice. However at Healthy Loans we take the time to understand why you need finance, what your principal goals are, and help choose the most appropriate solution for you from a large range of lenders on our panel. And this service comes at no cost to you.

If you are looking for a Home Loan please click here and you will be able to access our dedicated site which will enable you to look at Calculators, Guides & Tips and other helpful advice about arranging a Home Loan.

At Healthy Loans we believe in personal long term relationships. Unfortunately in today’s modern world that seems a scarce commodity. So many of our clients have commented they had to speak with someone new every time they seek a new loan, and we know how frustrating that can be. At Healthy Loans you get personal service and the same contact every time you need money.

If you value personal long term relationships then working with Healthy Loans may well be a great fit for you.

Healthy Loans consultants are available to meet with you when it is convenient for you at a time and place that suits you. Make a start and contact us now.